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Making recruitment simple for Recruiters

The Gateway brings together everything you need to onboard workers , manage employers, send worker data, and more. Companies such as HOPS Labour Solutions use The Gateway's suite of functionality to increase retention and scale their operations globally.

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Recruiter Access

Our Promise

Accept Placements

Employer engagement

Save time and money by recording all issues, communications, notes and placements in a single place. Track the issue journey, resolution and customer happiness in one platform.

Receive orders from employers

Hold employer contacts 

Manage workers placement

Employee access 

Let your applicants and employees manage and maintain their details, placements and availability through their own login. Seamlessly allow employees to sign and store contracts in one place.

Geographically dyanmic


Digital Signatures

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Automatically decrease exploitation with cascading

Maximise retention and prevent placement failure

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Multi VISA Scheme

Versatile, adaptive system for all immigration routes worldwide allowing you to manage your workforce through any scheme. Manage any customers and their required workforce.

Global coverage

Increase consumer size

Increase applicant pool

Control your recruitment with The Gateway

Contact TwoKnights, and see how The Gateway can help you take control of your labour recruitment by reducing endless paperstreams, miscommunication and wrong worker expectations with a optimised software platform.

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The Gateway is an integral part of our business, we rely on it for all our day to day comms with our customers. It is easy to use and the accuracy of our information has increased ten fold.

Jonathan Burgess, HOPS Labour Solutions

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